Blaze MI – Custom AFO Brace


The Blaze MI AFO is designed to specifically control the medial side, addressing conditions such as PTT (posterior tibial tendonitis), excessive pronation, tibialis dysfunction and internal rotation among others. The Malleolar Window provides control and comfort. The superior placement of the medial articulation and the broad medial surface prevents discomfort and skin breakdown to the medial malleolus.

The AFO’s ST (Sustentaculum Tali) post provides increased support to the medial side. The AFO’s ST (Sustentaculum Tali) pad provides increased rotational control and better support for the talus. The AFO’s 5th ray cutout maximizes the amount of correction and improves shoe fit.

Suggested Brace DME LCODES:

  • L1970 custom articulated AFO
  • L2820 soft interface
  • L2275 ST pad
  • L2270 varus/valgus strap padded

* other codes may apply

Disclaimer: Each prescribing practitioner should contact his/her local insurance carrier or Medicare office to verify billing codes, regulations, guidelines and fees relevant to their geographic location

Use your preferred AFO measurement technique or your preferred foot impression technique and measure the calf circumference at the 10″ level.

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  1. Hello,
    Following a stroke, I have some issues with the medial side on right foot. Please let me know how can be purchased your product Blaze MI AFO.
    A price quotation for delivery in Bucharest, Romania, would be great.
    Thank you

    1. Hi Sorin,

      I have forwarded your information on to the right people! You should be seeing an email from them soon. If you are able to call us we can also chat:
      (207) 885-0414

      Thank you!

  2. had a tumor removed from leg last year leaving me with drop foot and they prescribed me a carbon fiber brace that is hard and doesnt leave any mobility. how do i get the Blaze MI brace .. that has more movement so i can get back to gym, skateboarding and active lifestyle ?

    1. Hi Mykl,

      I have forwarded this to the proper people and I believe you have been reached out to by Ian!

      If you have any questions feel free to contact us!

  3. I would like yo try this brace but I no longer take therapy and do not know where to start so I can try this brace. I now have a hinged afo but I am experiencing a great deal of pain. I had a red stroke in 2007 walk with a hemicain but because of the pain the walking is getting to be very limited. I live in Peru Illinois and do not drive and it is difficult to get transport out of town.

    1. Hello Ronald,
      We have a 7 day trial period, where you can purchase the Step Smart Brace and try it out for 7 days after you receive it. If it doesn’t work for you, you can return it to us for a refund. We use the United States Priority Mail service so it would be shipped directly to your home. I have sent you a more detailed email along with an attached brochure for you to review. Please feel free to contact us directly for further information.

  4. My blaze MI brace is just over three years old. When I first got them they were great but as time has gone by my feet hurt again. Not as bad as without them but bad enough to limit my walking. Question…. What is the lifespan of a pair. They weren’t quite as good after the first year.

    1. Hi Eric- Thanks for contacting us-It could very well be time for a new brace or at least a refurbishment of the one you have. I would suggest going back to your podiatrist and discussing the issues you are experiencing. Andy

  5. Hi my wife had a stroke and now wears a AFO but complains it hurts her toes and
    leg so we are looking for another alternative. Do you have a place in Cincinnati Ohio or Northern KY Thanks Tom.

    1. Hi Tom- We sell direct to the user- knowing that she will need to try it to see if it works for her- we have a 10 day risk free trial period- when she gets it – you can call or email with any questions- we send you links to videos that are helpful- If it just won’t work- Call and get a return authorization number- return the brace and we will refund the total cost of the brace to you.


  6. Hi,

    I would love to try out this brace, but I’ve never heard of it and wouldn’t know who to prescribe it? Can you let me know if anyone in my area. I live in Southampton, NY.



    1. Hi Gabrielle, I did look through our current custom brace companies and could not find anything close to you there on the southern fork. WE are happy to work with any Dr’s office and you can show your doctor our website information about custom braces. They can contact us to set up an account and order the brace for you.

      Insightful Products

  7. I have had these braces for several years. My doctor only sent in a slipper cast at the time of ordering. The rivet on the inside of the brace rubs my malleolus. The window is too low. Can you make the brace with the malleolus window higher up? I also have very thin ankles. When I tighten the Velcro strap, that causes the rivet to drive into my ankle. I have been using a home made rig to relieve the pain of the rivet rubbing my ankle.

    1. HI John, sorry you are experiencing discomfort with the brace- I believe you hit the nail on the head by citing the slipper cast as an issue.
      Can you go back to the practitioner and explain to them the problems you are having? How long ago did you get the brace?

  8. Hi!!
    I would Like to find a Podiatrist in my area that prescribes the Blaze brace for PTTD.

    I live in Yuba City, California 95993 (near Sacramento, CA).

    Thank You,

  9. I need help track an order for
    The afo I ordered for
    My brother I had the email confirmation sent
    To him but email confirmation
    has not been received
    Nor the product. I called to inquiry about the AFO and ordered the 99.00 sale. Please help me track this order
    For Larry Casey
    3115 South Colorado Blvd, Denver, Co 80222 phone 720-989-0088

  10. I just got an Arizona brace and it is cumbersome- I have an AFO but due to ankle swelling from a failed ankle fusion my ankle swells and is pinched by the hard plastic – I need an AFO type with soft sides to accommodate ankle swelling. I had severe pronation on my right foot- Please give suggestions

    1. Hello Kathy!

      Thank you for your inquiry. I am sorry to hear that you are having troubles with your ankle fitting comfortably in an AFO. At this point in time, we recommend seeing an orthotist they may be able to assist you in finding a custom brace that works for you. If your othotist would like to speak directly to our company about potnetial custom options, we would be happy to speak to them. All the best, Insightful Products Sales Team.

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