Custom Braces

“We design our custom orthosis braces (ankle & foot orthosis) right the first time!”

Identify the pathology, send us your patients casting (photographs help, too!) and we’ll provide the custom AFO/Orthosis brace solution that fits best for you.

  • Fewer adjustments required
  • Unconditional 45 day money back guarantee
  • Favorable and legitimate LCode reimbursement
  • Each orthosis brace is hand crafted one at a time by a qualified technician (not a matching system!)
  • Efficient and professional servicing of your order for timely completion and shipping
  • Fast and easy account setup and ordering
  • Telephone support for specific cases
  • Special requests usually honored if reasonable
  • Competitive pricing


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  1. Hi..i need this product..well i life on Indonesia but i don’t now how to buy and where fine on Indonesia (Jakarta). Thanks

  2. Hi. My father is 77 years old. He has CMT a firm od MD. I am not sure if his brace was initially for drop foot or if it is for ankle support. He now has a fro ken ankle. Minimal feeling in the whole foot. (He had his other leg amputated below the knee) He has to wear shoes at all times (except sleeping). Do you have a product that will support his ankle and deal with drop foot? His brace currently is just the typical medal brackets on the side with a plastic flat part then a Velcro strap at the top. I know there has to be something out there so here I am. His ankle is also bigger than most.

    1. Hello! Thank you for your inquiry. I will follow up with a response directly to the email address provided for a more thorough response!

  3. We are interested in having such orthosis in a left foot drop patient due to periferal nuropathy. He in 67 yr old and requires 6 no. shoes.. his wt is 52 kg and height is 5’5″. What is the cost of the unilateral(left) orthosis and also the cost of the pair… can we order the same in India (Mumbai)? pl reply…

    1. Hello! Thank you for your inquiry! It sounds like you are interested in our Step-Smart brace! This can be purchased for $199(usd) for one brace or $398 (usd) for a bilateral set. I believe a small sized brace would best suite the information provided on your patient! If you would like a quote on shipping you can do so by entering your shipping information on our web order page, or send your full address to! Kind regards!

  4. I live in Sydney Australia. I am very interested in the foot brace shown in the U tube demonstration. Can it be purchased in Australia? I have drop foot (left leg) following a lower back operation. Shoe size 12 or 13 US. Weight 118 kg.

    1. Hello Lynsay,
      Thank you for your inquiry!
      Our Step-Smart brace is not sold to distributors (world wide) and is currently only available for online/phone ordering. However, we do ship all over the world and would be happy to provide you with a shipping estimate. If you would like a shipping estimate please email me your complete address. Returns are not excepted for international purchases at this point in time. If you have any additional questions, please feel free to contact me directly at
      Kind Regards,

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