Custom Ankle Orthosis Brace for Drop Foot


More Effective Ankle Orthosis Brace

The Step-Smart creates better dorsiflexion because the leverage created by the hinge comes from the rigid calf section of the brace against the back of the lower leg. With other custom AFO’s, leverage comes from the flexible straps that have more give and therefore less effectiveness than the Step-Smart’s rigid calf section.

A More Comfortable Orthosis Brace

The patent pending system allows for the avoidance of the malleoli completely, whereas other Drop Foot Braces are fitted over the malleoli. The avoidance of the malleoli by the Step-Smart reduces the chance of irritation and further injury to the patient. It also eliminates the need for further costly adjustments to the brace by the doctor.

Lower Profile Solution

The Step-Smart Brace is low profile and barely visible. Other leading Drop Foot Braces are bigger, bulkier, and more visible from the sides. Also, these other drop foot braces increase the likelihood that the patient may require larger shoes than the patient would normally wear.


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  1. I want to purchase smart-smart brace for foot drop from your company. However, incase the size is not exact, will it be possible exchange, or can you suggest the suitable size. My feet is 26cm long.
    Thank you.

    1. Mr. Pipas Saha

      We allow for returns and swaps!

      RETURN POLICY: In the United States, you have 30 days from the date you receive your Step-Smart Brace to return it for a full-refund. All other products are non-returnable. NO INTERNATIONAL RETURNS.If you’d like to return your product please call 207-885-0414 for a return authorization number. Returns will not be processed without the return authorization number, thank you!

      It sounds like you would be a Small/Medium Step-Smart®

      This video might help

    1. Hello Anish,
      We offer international shipping via DHL Worldwide Express. You can purchase the Step Smart Brace via our website.
      Jody Gould
      Customer Care Administrator

  2. Hi im jerry dela cruz from philippines and i bought your product more than a year ,my concern is after i used it for several times , it get deformed i actually dont know why so i ask my sister that time she was on vacation here to bring it back in US so that your good company can do repair it back to original position because its hard for me to walk to tell you the thruth i only use it less than a month so please ,,,, please repair my step smart because i like it and i know it could help me to walk normal again now

    1. Hi Jagdish You can buy this from us on Ebay, or our website with shipping to India.

      On Ebay the shipping is much less expensive, but the package takes longer to reach you


  3. Hi my name is varun. I am 37 .I am from INDIA i am suffering from foot drop,due to neurological disorder, from past several years . How much it would cost me including shiping charges, my address is E 32 S.C.C area city Nilokheri zip code 132117 state HARYANA country INDIA. Moreover can i returns it if it does not support or i have any problem in flitting . My shoe size is 9 and in inches it is 10.5 inch long and width of foot is 70 mm

  4. Hello, Do you have a marketer for this product in any Arab country I hope to reply to the Amili because you need it very much and how to get it please help me please

    1. Hello! Thank you for your inquiry. We do not currently have distributors of this product in the US or abroad. We are happy to ship internationally. If you would like a quote on shipping costs for an international shipment, please email your full shipping address to and we will get you an estimate on these costs!

    2. Hello, Do you have a marketing officer for this product in Egypt and if there is no agent in Egypt how do I get it

  5. I see you product and truly i like it i have used different , but the fact that i can wear a decent shoe is depresing me . i see people can wear normal shoe
    But you don’t say the value of this article, wish to. Know and how to order

  6. hola estoy interesado en el producto para mi pie derecho pero no logro contactar con ustedes soy de españa y no se como comprarlo me podrian ayudar gracias .

    1. ¡Hola! ¡Gracias por su consulta! Lamento mucho decirle que actualmente no tenemos un distribuidor en España. Debido a las actuales normas de importación, no podemos enviar esta férula a España en este momento. Lamentamos mucho este inconveniente.

    1. Hello Guita, I am sorry to hear of your daughters resulting drop foot! Is she a 5 1/2 in a women’s shoe size? if so I would recommend our specially sized XS. If she is a 5 1/2 in a kids size I would not recommend this brace. If you would like more information on sizing please send me an email at! Kind regards,

    1. Hello Kelly, Thank you for your inquiry. This brace is not recommended for most of the pediatric population. Our brace is recommended for kids 12 and up. If you have any additional questions, please feel free to email me directly at Kind regards, Lilly @ IP

  7. Hola mi nombre es Hugo Valarezo y tengo el pie caido pero uso una ferula muy rígida y al finalizar el dia me siento full camsado y com dolor de la cintura y cadera me gustatia probar su ferula soy de ecuador.

    1. Hola hugo Gracias por su consulta. Mis disculpas por cualquier mala traducción, no hablo español y estoy usando un traductor. Nuestra llave está hecha de plástico y tiene un marco duro, pero debido a la forma en que está diseñado, permite que los pies y el tobillo para moverse con más naturalidad. Debido a que el marco de nuestra férula es mucho más pequeño que otros diseños de férula, le permite caminar con un paso más normal. Si usted tiene preguntas adicionales sobre nuestra llave, envíeme por correo electrónico por favor en Haré todo lo posible para traducir y responder cualquier pregunta adicional que tenga!

  8. Hello I would like to know if you can bill my insurance for me to recieve the walking brace for my left foot, I had a stroke in 2013 and I I have full Medicare and medicaid.

    1. Hello Keith,
      Thank you for your inquiry and interest in our Step-Smart Brace! Most insurance companies do cover the brace. However, we don’t handle insurance claims here. You would need a prescription for the “Step-Smart Brace and no substitutions” and see either a Podiatrist or an Orthotist. Please feel free to contact us at if you have any additional questions! Best, Lilly @ Insightful Products.

  9. Hello I would like to try this product. I currently stop wearing the brace because of the reasons in your video.
    I want to try this product soon once I save for it thanks keith

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