Schooner CS – Leather Gauntlet AFO Brace


  • Posterior Tibial Tendon Dysfunction PTTD, Charcot foot, Pes planus Talocalcaneal valgus, Tibialis
  • Tendonitis, Subtalar, midtarsal ankle trauma, ankle arthritis, and degenerative joint disease
  • Easy Pull-on Donning
  • Speed lacing for easy donning
  • Complete circumferential compression
  • Adjustable sub-talar correction with arch strap

Suggested DME LCODES:

  • L1940 custom articulated AFO
  • L2820 soft interface
  • L2330 lacer
  • L2270 padded arch strap

* other codes may apply
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  1. I got A Schooner Brace CS. I can’t find the shoes or boots to go with. Please recommend what kind or what brand of the shoes or boots.
    Thank you,

    1. Hi Malai, It can be difficult- its a large brace. We would suggest a lace up walking shoe or sneaker- many people have found the New Balance brand to be accommodating for foot braces.
      Best of luck!

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