Funnel for the Foot: Instructions

Follow these simple steps:

Take Foot Funnel into hand like this.

With shoe in lap or on the floor, simply squeeze and insert into the shoe. Tip funnel down.

Insert foot. Keep lanyard (leash) around wrist of set it aside.

Wiggle foot into shoe.

Pull up on the lanyard to release the Funnel.

Pull until the Funnel pops free from the shoe.


Practice with your shoelace untied first.  Then move up to donning with tied shoelaces. With a little practice, you’ll be able to don your shoe with the shoelaces tied.

Warning: Do not attempt to walk with the Funnel in the shoe.

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  1. Need a colored picture of the device illustration. I received a black and white one so I really cannot understand instructions. Insert how much into the shoe?

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