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We continuously work to ensure that our clinics get quality outcomes every time. Our custom bracing system is based on matching the biomechanical pathology to one of our corresponding specifically designed braces. This affords maximum efficacy for the pathomechanical need at hand.

In our opinion, one brace design can’t possibly adequately control the specific needs of each of the major categories of foot and ankle instabilities. Therefore, we have unique and patented designs for each pathology: Medial Instability, Lateral Instability, Drop Foot, and Arthritis.

Our crew will work with you by calling and checking on design features when we see an opportunity to do more for the patient. We will also work to avoid clerical mistakes by working with the client during the ordering process.

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Because Insightful Products is on a continuous improvement plan, our brace designs will sometimes change overnight. We ask our clinics and practitioners who choose to work with us to expect that often the brace will not look exactly like the picture in the brochure or website. Insightful Products recognizes that this is an uncomfortable occurrence for some practitioners. However, we feel that your patients deserve the most up to date design features, even when that means moving away from what was in the photo booth at the time of advertisement images.

Our return policy allows the clinician to order from us risk free. We do request that you try it on the patient before making any judgments on fit :). Our “out of the box” unusual design features can sometimes result in calls from practitioners complaining that “this doesn’t look right”. If you try it on the patient and the patient outcome is not better than any other design available; then, please do call and let us know!

Our business strategy of continuous improvement forces us to consistently raise the bar and ask ourselves if there is something more we can do for the patient. After all, the practitioners and patients that we service now are benefiting from that long standing policy. If we didn’t have that objective, the performance of our current designs would not result in the best outcomes. Insightful Products expects a lot from ourselves, so please hold us to it!

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