Instructions: Blaze™ Brace, Cuboid Lock™, Classic Brace

Blaze™ Brace, Cuboid Lock™, Classic Brace

The Blaze™ Brace is a custom ankle foot orthosis brace, designed for controlling ankle instabilities. For the brace to work properly, your body needs to become accustomed to the new forces placed upon it.

Recommended brace wearing schedule:
  • Day 1: one hour in the morning, one hour in the afternoon.
  • Day 2: two hours in the morning, two hours in the afternoon.
  • Day 3: three hours in the morning, three hours in the afternoon.
  • Day 4: four hours in the morning, four hours in the afternoon.
  • Day 5: five hours in the morning, five hours in the afternoon.
  • Day 6: six hours in the morning, six hours in the afternoon.
  • Day 7 and beyond: all day

During this first week, it is important for you to examine your feet visually after each wearing period. Red marks are normal (like the kind you get from your socks), but they should go away in 30 minutes. If not, contact your health care provider.

Other considerations when bracing your foot or ankle:
  • For ease of donning, put the brace in the shoe first, insert foot, and secure brace strap.
  • Always wear a sock when wearing the brace (the sock should fit higher than the top of the brace).
  • Always wear a shoe with the brace.
  • You may need to seat the brace back in the shoe using the loop Velcro® at the heel.
  • The brace is mostly water resistant and you should not hesitate to wash it or get it wet with usual wearing. The two rivets in the joints may rust slightly, but will not fail easily.
  • Contact your prescribing practitioner if you have any questions regarding fitting and wearing.
Strap Adjustments 1:
Strap Adjustments 2:
Fitting AFO into shoe:
Velcro Instructions:

We hope you enjoy your new Blaze™ Foot & Ankle Orthosis Brace, the most streamlined custom solution.

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