Instructions: Step-Smart DA Compression Component Guidelines

[av_one_full first] [av_textblock size=” font_color=” color=”] This guide is to assist you in selecting the appropriate compression components. The compression components act as a bumper in that they compress and rebound for shock absorption. The Step-Smart DA brace comes with 3 pairs of compression components in which you integrate into the fitting process of the brace. Additional bumpers/compression elements can be purchased online.

How to set the compression components:

In general, the compression components are chosen to match the patient’s specific shock absorption requirements. Mostly, this is affected by patient’s weight and patient’s step length. Activity level should also be considered. It is suggested that the practitioner and patient establish a starting setting together using the following guidelines. Select the compression component that best describes the patient’s weight and step length. Start with the selected setting. After 10-20 steps increase to the next setting. After another 10-20 steps increase again to the next setting. Keep going until there is too much resistance.

Compression Components Guide
Step-length < 110 110-140 140-180 > 180
< 12″ 45-45 45-60 45-60 60-60
12″-24″ 60-60 60-80 60-80 80-80
> 24″ 60-80 60-80 80-80 80-80

There are 5 settings to work with. For 45-60 and 60-80 settings use higher durometer on lateral side.

Green = 45
Amber = 60
Black = 80
Setting the tensors:

The foot/calf angle is unique to each individual and needs to be addressed by the AFO. The Step-Smart brace includes a third tensor, which is longer than the two currently attached to the calf section. By installing the longer tensor on the lateral side a more medial angulation is achieved. By installing the longer tensor on the medial side a lateral angulation is achieved. This 10-degree range allows the practitioner to make angular changes to match the foot/calf angle of 95% of the patients.

This guide can assist you, but the experience of the patient must come first.
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  1. I have just purchased a step smart and was wondering if I could use just one green bumper on the left side as it decreases pressure enough to feel comfortable. Slowly integrating the second bumper down the road. If this is not recommended I’ll just use both and deal with the pressure.

    1. Hello Nathan,
      We send out the Step Smart Brace with the Amber bumpers installed but you can use a different combination of colors it that works best for you.
      The green bumpers offer the least amount of compression and the black offer the most amount of compression.

  2. Re: 2/13/17: Order #4479

    Hi Lilly,

    I need to replace a pair of black bumpers.

    What’s the procedure and cost to order them?

    Best regards,

    Lee Younglove

  3. Hi Linda, we do offer them they are under Shop Online button on top bar- and in accessories area of website. You can buy assorted or all one color.
    If you have any trouble please feel free to call me at 207-885-0414 M-F 9- 5 Eastern

    Andy Colbourn

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