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2 thoughts on “Post Tib solution – Blaze Brace biomechanics”

  1. Hello Insightful Products, My name is Marvin And I’m 23 I’m a Soccer player, but I suffer from pttd on the left foot, I’m unable to sprint and my coach says that when I run, it’s like I’m limping. So I’ve seen The Blaze Brace, And I’ll like to know if it would be able to help me sprint, and fully stabilize my ankle.
    I would also like to know if they are able to fit perfectly into Soccer Cleats ?
    I would have really loved to come to your clinic and be examined but unfortunately I’m in Ivory Coast at The moment, therefore I would like to know if there’s a possibility to Order the Brace, and have it sent to me here directly ?

    1. Hello Marvin! Thank you for your inquiry. Many people experiencing PTTD have found that the Blaze Brace works for them. It is likely that it would assist with stability and enable you to run with a more normal gait. The Blaze Brace is a custom brace and requires a doctors prescription and must be ordered directly through your doctors office. I will be sending more information to the email you provided shortly, as well. If you should need to contact us with additional questions please feel free to send them directly to us at !

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