Drop foot shoes – Fitting Step-Smart AFO in Shoes

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This video shows how the Step-Smart fits in most shoes and types of shoes. There is no need to up size or buy medical shoes with our drop foot orthosis.
The Step-Smart drop foot brace is streamlined and low profile. It can even be worn with most dress shoes and sneakers and some sandals, hiking boots, and beach shoes. No need to worry about the brace getting wet either. It should work fine at the beach with the proper beach shoe! Don’t be restricted to an ugly medical shoe, wear the shoe that you like. Check out the video and see for yourself how it truly does work with most shoes.

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  1. I would like to know if this brace would work in a SAS RELAXED you can see this show online at SAS SHOE’s . Al;so, can this brace be taken from one shoe to another? How much is this brace?

  2. I have a drop foot as a result of being injected by a medical doctor directly into my sciatic nerve in my left buttock. This was in 2010. I have been using the “off the shelf” swiss made hard plastic brace. This has given me an enormous amount of trouble, blisters on my Archilles tendon caused by the friction, I also have to wear a bigger size shoe. Where is South Africa, Johannesburg in particular can I find an Orthoptist who could assist me in obtaining something better than what I have to wear now. Shoes present a problem too – it is very difficult to obtain a shoe comfortable enough to wear for nearly an entire day. Please help me,

    Yours faithfully,

    Carol Allan.

  3. If ordered from south africa and if it does work out with my drop foot can i request a refund?also i am a size 4 which is a u.s size 6.5 i think so would i need the small/medium?please advise thank you

    1. So sorry for the delay in replying to your question.
      We do not accept returns on our international sales at this time, I am sorry to say.
      The cost of shipping and import/ export tariffs and fees make that prohibitive at this time.

      Forgive my misunderstanding, but he size you are referring to, 6.5, is that a man’s size or a woman’s size shoe?

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