In 2003 our founder Ian Engelman left private practice to address a need he saw for a better, lighter and more ergonomic brace for drop foot. Ian earned his Bachelor of Science from Tufts University prior to earning his Prosthetic and Orthotic certifications from Northwest University in 1987. He went on to earn a Master of Science in Allied Health from UCONN with a concentration in research techniques. In 1991 he became an Orthotists and he spent more than a decade honing his craft.

Similar to the scope of practice of a prosthetist, orthotists work with physicians and other health care professionals in a clinical setting to rehabilitate the physically challenged, with a common goal of enabling individuals to function to the best of their ability.

The early years at Insightful Products were consumed building custom braces for the clinical market where the patients’ foot is cast and a brace is built individually for each patient. Out of this work the Step-Smart Brace was born and since then Insightful Products has helped more than 20,000 people walk more easily.

The majority of brace companies outsource production of at least some part of their product to foreign countries. We don’t. We design and manufacture our braces in a small business park located in Scarborough (population 18,919) – nestled on the coast of Maine.

We believe in solving problems with innovative designs and supporting our clients in understanding and incorporating our products into their lives.

Made in the USA is a worthwhile effort that benefits our customers, our company and the community where we do business. Our future generations matter. Jobs for our children and grandchildren are important because they too will need to build a life for themselves and provide for their families. We take pride in our nation, in our independence, and above all in the products that we make – braces with excellent craftsmanship and superior quality.

A Simple Idea

Build better braces and help people walk.