What is your return policy?

    You have 7 days from the date you receive your Step-Smart to return it in the United States. All other products are non-returnable. NO INTERNATIONAL RETURNS.

    If you’d like to return your product please call 207-885-0414 for a return authorization number. Returns will not be processed without the return authorization number, thank you!

Do you refund shipping costs?

  • No, we do not refund shipping costs.

How do I determine what size brace I need?

  • We have small and large and it goes by your shoe size and the width of your heel.

Does insurance cover the brace?

  • Most insurance companies do cover the brace. However, we don’t handle insurance claims here. You would need a prescription for the “Step-Smart Brace and no substitutions” and see either a Podiatrist or an Orthotist.

Is there a warranty on the brace?

  • There is a 90 day warranty on breakage.

What material is the brace made of?

  • The Step Smart brace is made out of a hard Polypro plastic.

What is the shipping method?

  • We use USPS priority mail shipping and it takes about 1-3 business days in the US. If you are an international customer and would prefer DHL as your shipping method, please let us know before you order since the price of DHL shipping varies.

Do you ship internationally?

  • Yes, we do ship internationally.

What are the little rubber things in the back of the brace?

  • The little rubber things are called bumpers or compression components. They are for shock absorption and that is what makes the brace lift your foot up.

How do I know which color bumper to use?

  • You get a set of each color. Black is the hardest. Amber is medium and green is the softest. You will receive instructions on which bumpers to start with and then it becomes personal preference.

What is the piece of black plastic that comes in the compression component kit?

  • That piece of plastic is the long tensor included in your kit in case you need to change out one of the tensors. You may need to change out the tensors to adjust the alignment of the brace.

How do I change my tensors?

Do I need to be fitted for the brace?

  • For the off the shelf Step Smart you do not need to be fitted.

Are there any stores in my area that I can go see the brace and try it on before I buy it?

  • We don’t sell our braces in stores. You can go right online to our website to purchase the brace. If you are in the US then you have 7 days to return it.

How do I change an I Strap?

Where can I buy the accessories for my brace? Straps, bumpers, tensors etc.?

Do I need to buy a package?

  • You do not need the package at first. You can buy the individual Step-Smart and get started. It comes with everything you need and you can buy the extra parts separately but in the long run it will cost you more due to the discount you receive by buying the package.

What is the top cover?

  • The top cover is a black pacific leather calf skin pad that adds extra comfort on the foot plate. The brace works just as well without it. Some people just have more sensitive feet then others.

What shoes work best with Step-Smart?

  • There are many different shoes you can wear with the Step-Smart brace. Watch our video to see the variety

How do I determine what size Step-Smart to buy?

Overnight Shipping:

  • If you order a product for overnight shipment on a weekend or after 5pm, your order will not go out overnight until we receive the order during normal business hours.

What is the Cuffed Calf Section?

  • The Cuffed Calf Section is an alternative calf section to the standard calf section. It goes up about 2 inches higher then the standard calf section. It cups around your calf to distribute the pressure more evenly. There is no option for OVERNIGHT on this item.

Does the Step-Smart provide ankle support?

  • Yes, it does.

Will I receive instructions with my brace?

  • Yes.

How can I get a custom brace?

  • You would need to go to a Podiatrist and get casted. The practitioner would then send the cast to us where we would fabricate the brace. Then we would give your practitioner the correct codes to bill your insurance.

Step Smart Brace Replacement Program 2018

Braces which are outside the warranty period which have worn out or broken are eligible for the Insightful Products Replacement Program

Send back your worn out or broken brace to us at the address below and note that you want to replace it with the same device and we will sell you a new one at a deeply discounted rate, currently $99.00 off.
This offer is limited to one replacement discount per calendar year, per customer. Braces which have not been broken but are simply aging should be at least 18 months old to qualify for discount.
Customers who are not able to send the brace back first (ie: it is your only brace and you need it until the replacement arrives) can pay full price for a new brace, and then send the broken or worn out brace back to us within 30 days to receive the discount as a refund on that purchase.
Call to obtain a replacement program authorization number before shipping.
This program is Insightful Products way of supporting our loyal users and clients in living the best life that they can. Amount of discount and availability of this program may change or end without notice.
Mail to:
Insightful Products
ATTN: Replacement Program
2 Lincoln Ave Suite 8
Scarborough ME 04074