A close up photo of the Foot Funnel

Foot Funnel® Shoehorn – A Shoe Aid

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The Foot Funnel® shoehorn is a “dressing aid ” or shoe aid and is an alternative to the long-handled shoehorn and makes shoe donning easier for those that have trouble bending, twisting, and reaching. “What is a shoehorn?” It is a shoe aid or shoe donner. As a dressing aid, …

Ian Engelman talking about the advantages of the short footplate on the Step Smart Brace

Why The Step-Smart Brace is Small

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It has come to our attention often that people wonder how The Step-Smart Brace for Drop Foot can be as effective as other Ankle-Foot Orthotics (AFO’s) while having a shorter footplate. The answer is in the unique design and how the brace works in conjunction with your shoe. In this …

Back Surgery Drop Foot Brace Frustration

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Frustration with his old drop foot brace led Joe, from Massachusetts to contact us at Insightful Products, about our Step-Smart Brace for Drop foot. Following back surgery over 15 years ago, Joe, like many who go through such surgeries, found he had developed drop foot.  Seeking relief Joe had tried …

Running with Drop Foot : Bobby’s Step-Smart Brace Experience

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Earlier this year, Bobby and his mother visited our offices to learn more about the Step-Smart Drop Foot Brace and try one out for himself. We are excited to share his story and this inspirational video with you!   Meet Bobby: Bobby developed drop foot after an accident. During his …