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We are dedicated to helping people walk — to help you live a long, healthy, happy life. We’ve been doing this since 2003 and we’ve seen amazing transformations. The most progress centers around learning and awareness made possible by the internet. Here on this page, we’ll do our best to contribute important and insightful information centered around the topics of drop-foot, orthotics, and prosthetics
Read on for the answers you seek and then give us a call when you’re ready to talk about the right brace for you.

Drop Foot Brace for active lifestyle

My first brace was an immobile one. It didn’t allow me any freedom at the ankle or the foot whatsoever and I knew I had to find something. And with the search, I found the steps Step Smart which I love and I’ve been wearing it since. And I’m very, very active with my lifestyle…


Can Drop Foot be Cured?

Discover the realities of foot drop: a condition with varying outcomes based on its root cause. While not ‘curable,’ it’s manageable. Learn about nerve damage recovery, the impact of stroke, and why timely medical evaluation is crucial. Explore effective management strategies for improved mobility and well-being. Click to read our insights and experiences.


Step-Smart Success Story – Brad V.

Meet Brad Vangilder, he’s an Oil Manager for an energy company in Virginia, a personal trainer, and a long-time user of the Step-Smart Brace. Hear about his #dropfoot journey and what he thinks of the Step-Smart Brace for Drop Foot.


The Step-Smart Brace for Drop Foot: Joseph’s Testimonial

A few years ago, Joseph Saenz, a makeup artist and actor in Los Angeles, found himself in a near-death situation. As a result of a medical emergency, he developed #dropfoot. Looking for a solution to get back to the activities he enjoys, he “stumbled” upon the Step-Smart Brace by Insightful Products. And, as they say in Hollywood, the rest is history!


Exercises for Drop Foot

Drop Foot, also known as foot drop, is a condition where you have difficulty lifting the front part of your foot, making it challenging to walk and maintain balance. Here are some general exercises and strategies that may help improve the strength and function of the muscles involved in foot dorsiflexion (lifting the foot).


What’s in your Step Smart Box?

You’ll find in your box the Step-Smart Brace, two additional bumper sets (green and black), a Velcro horseshoe, and a pamphlet. The front of the pamphlet will have all of our contact information if you ever have any questions. Watch this video to learn more.



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