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Ankle-Foot Orthotic Shoe combination for Foot Drop Patients

In this weeks blog, we demonstrate the AFO strategy used by Insightful to attach the AFO or ankle brace to the shoe using Velcro. The foot and ankle brace is attached to the shoe using hook and loop pile. By attaching the ankle brace to the shoe, the unit becomes one. All of Insightful’s bracing is designed to work with a shoe and not without a shoe. Fastening the brace to the shoe makes it easier to don the brace or to put the brace on but also keeps the brace placed back in the heel of the shoe. This keeps the brace from creeping forward in the shoe and using up space in the shoe.


Foot of the Week – Episode 22 – AFO brace donning

In this episode, a patient shows us his unique method for donning the Step-Smart AFO brace for drop foot. In most instances, Insightful suggests attaching the AFO brace into the shoe first and donning the shoe brace combination at once. In this example, the patient finds it easier to don the AFO brace first and then he slides the foot brace combination into the shoe.


Foot of the Week – Episode 26 – Drop foot technology

We demonstrate how our drop foot technology can provide better treatment by providing more accurate traction on the calf. If the portion of the AFO (called the calf section) is moving either medially or laterally off the leg, the drop foot AFO brace can be adjusted using a longer tensor that comes free of charge. By simply installing the longer tensor on the side of the brace that is opposite the direction the brace needs to be tilted, you can shift the portion of the AFO in the direction needed.


Foot of the Week – Episode 24 – Best Drop Foot Brace

In this week’s vblog, we take you to an indoor tennis facility where one of our drop foot patients happily wears, what she calls, the best drop foot brace on the market. With the Step-Smart brace for drop foot, she is able to play tennis and live an active life. See her play tennis in this video.



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