Foot of the Week – Episode 17 – Drop Foot AFO Comparison and testimonial

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In this video episode of “Foot of the Week”, we talk to a drop foot patient who has been using the dorsi-strap or x-strap (similar to the freedom walk, Foot up, or steady strider). We compare this drop foot treatment to the Step-Smart brace and demonstrate how the Step-Smart provides superior shock absorption at heel strike and also provides lateral support for better drop foot gait. Foot drop often causes falls resulting from an ankle rollover. Our drop foot gait analysis shows that without the ability to dorsiflex, the ankle is more susceptible to lateral instability. The lateral side of the foot or the outside of the foot can catch on an edge and rollover. Also, if the dropped foot lands on uneven ground, a rollover is difficult to prevent without ankle support. The drop foot patient also provides a testimonial in his owns words describing his experience and fear of falling. The Step-Smart is the best drop foot brace and dropfoot braces on the market.