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Commitment to helping our customers is what sets Insightful Products apart.
Over ten years ago, Insightful Products founder and President, Ian Engelman, left private practice to address the need he saw for a better, lighter, more ergonomic brace for Drop Foot. The Step Smart brace he developed is an affordable, light weight, adjustable, articulated brace that let’s people get on with their lives.

A small company, nestled in the coastal town of Scarborough Maine, Insightful Products believes in solving problems with innovative design. From the Step Smart Brace’s Patented Jacob Joint technology, to the Funnel, an advanced shoehorn which offers a simple yet novel approach to shoe donning, we are dedicated to bringing new solutions and great customer support to our customers.

Our Step-Smart Drop Foot Brace is one sale for the low cost of $199. Normally $249!

The Custom Fit AFO Step-Smart® Brace for Drop Foot has helped over 10,000 Patients just like you!

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