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Step-Smart Brace for Drop Foot

From $199.00

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Scroll to the bottom for videos about the Step-Smart Brace, the top cover, the hip square, and sizing.

Please allow an extra 2-3 days for processing when ordering XS or XXL or with a cuffed calf section.

The Step-Smart Brace may appear “bent” or “twisted” when it’s not on the foot and ankle, but this is all part of the science of biomechanics behind this unique design.

Why may it appear to be bent? The preflexion angle is desired for preload before heel strike which is necessary to manage immediate deceleration of the foot. In addition, the angle of the calf section will provide clearance even in the dorsiflexion range of motion.

Why does it look a bit twisted? The brace accommodates the natural toe out of human ambulation. This is desired for good calf section tracking on the calf. The articulated calf section works best when it travels back and forth in the line of progression.


To purchase a Step-Smart® Brace: Choose from the following options below:

How to Choose the Correct Step-Smart Brace Size For You

In this short video we show you how to quickly discern what size Step-Smart brace is best for you and why wearing the correct size is important.


Do I need a cuffed calf section?

A Cuffed Calf addition can make the Step-Smart brace more comfortable to wear for certain users.

Would a top cover be useful for me?

In this video Ian talks about the top cover for the Step-Smart brace and whether you should get on when purchasing your Insightful Products Step-Smart Brace for Drop Foot.

Do I need a hip square?

If you have an uneven hip height, the hip square is sure to make you more comfortable.


This brace has helped thousands of people with drop foot walk better. It has been specifically designed for those with drop foot. It has a low profile and will allow you to wear your regular shoes. Ramps and slopes are easier to manage. Click to view Step-Smart Brace Success Stories.


Additional information

Weight 1.0 lbs
Dimensions 12 × 9.00 × 7 in
Left Foot, Right Foot, Both Feet

Left, Right, Both Feet


XS: Men’s US 5 and smaller/ Women’s 6.5 and smaller / EU 37 or smaller + $50.00, S-M: Men’s US 5.5-10 / Women’s 7-11.5 / EU 37.5-43.5, L-XL: Men’s 10.5-14 / Women’s 12-15.5 / EU 44-48.5, XXL: Men’s 14.5 and larger / Women’s 16 and larger / EU 49 and larger + $50.00

Topcover (+$25.00/foot) (See Video Below)

No, Yes

Hip Square [Opposite side Foot Orthotic to make Hips even] (+$35.00)

No, Yes

Cuffed Calf Section (+$95.00/foot)

No, Single foot, Bilateral

Calf circumference:

None, 8 inch and smaller, 9 inch, 10 inch, 11 inch, 12 inch, 13 inch, 14 inch, 15 inch, 16 inch, 17 inch, 18 inch, 19 inch and larger

19 reviews for Step-Smart Brace for Drop Foot

  1. Zenaida

    Hola tengo el pie caído debido a un derramé cerebral y he tenido muchos problemas con los aparatos que he comprado y vi este anuncio me interesa , pero no se la medida exacta que debo comprar , me puede dar más información . Gracias

    • Insightful Products Customer Service

      Nuestro aparato ortopédico viene en solo unos pocos tamaños. Para hacerlo más fácil, le preguntamos cuál es el tamaño de su zapato para ayudarnos a seleccionar mejor el tamaño de la abrazadera para usted.
      Al comprar, simplemente ingrese el tamaño de su zapato en el menú desplegable y el sistema se encargará del resto.

  2. Steve white (verified owner)

    I received my step-smart brace on a Thursday and used it to help me deer hunt that weekend! Great product helps so much!

    • Andy (verified owner)

      That is terrific!

  3. Bill DeVore

    I’ve been using the Step-Smart brace for my MS-caused foot-drop for over two years. I’ve had multiple AFOs, “fixed” shoe braces and I’ve also tried the Walk-Aid & Bioness. The Step-Smart is by far the best brace I’ve tried/used.

    • Andy (verified owner)

      Hi Bill- Thanks for sharing your experience. The Step Smart has proven to be quite helpful to many in the MS community. Glad it’s helping you.

  4. Ned

    I have severe foot drop from recent spinal issues. After going through several other braces (ankle cuffs with straps to lift the front of shoes) that either broke or didn’t work at all, and not wanting to deal with the problems and discomforts of a traditional molded AFO, I called Insightful Products twice with lots of questions and then ordered a Step-Smart brace from Amazon. I wept openly after wearing it for only a few minutes, discovering that I could actually walk again.

    • Andy (verified owner)

      Dear Ned
      I am sharing your review with the rest of the staff here at Insightful Products. It’s great that we get such amazing feedback from the Step Smart users. We are happy to have helped.


  5. Richie (verified owner)

    I want too say that I had an Head Injury 20 years ago and been trying too walk around ever since then with Dropfoot and its been a nightmare finding a brace that works until I found the stepsmart brace and it works Amazing .I would recommend this brace too anyone with dropfoot ..Thank You

    • Andy (verified owner)

      Thank you Richie! We are so glad that the Step Smart brace is helping to make your life a little easier.

  6. Byron Smith

    2nd order from Insightfulproducts.

    My first order for Step-Smart changed my life. I can walk without thinking about walking. I walk almost normal. Having foot drop i constantly battle with tripping and walking like frankenstein. Step=Smart changed that. I will use this forever, unless medical research can fix my issue. Great product.

    My second order is for the tensor set. Came in reasonable time and works perfect!

    • Andy (verified owner)

      Hi Byron, Thank you for taking the time to share your experience. We are happy to hear that the product and are service are meeting your needs.

  7. Nakul Sharma


    I am planning to buy this product for my wife and i have some questions regarding that. First, is it necessary to wear shoes or any other footwear along with step smart brace? Can’t it be wear alone over socks without any footwear at home?

    Also, what kind of women sandals can be worn with this brace? Is it required for sandals to have some sort of strap covering the tow that supports the brace or this kind of sandals can also work?


    Please advise.


    • Andy (verified owner)

      A shoe must be worn with the brace at all times. The brace lifts the shoe, which brings the toes with it. This isn’t a brace that would work with a shoe like that .


  8. Brad Lorenzen

    My wife order this for me and what a difference it has made.This step smart brace is amazing. It has change my life so much. I never used a plastic one but used several different types that were of the velcro type. This is so much better. My walking has improved so much more . Am walking a lot better and do more walking. Also this brace has helped with my standing. Before could not stand unless used a cane or grab on to something to steady myself. Now can stand with no problems. This has changed my life for the better.

    • Andy (verified owner)

      It’s great when you find the right tool for the job isn’t it Brad? We are always so happy to hear of success stories like yours. Thank you for letting us know how the Step Smart Brace for Drop Foot has helped you!

  9. mahmoud


    I just bought your beautiful product, how can I follow my purchase order

    • Andy (verified owner)

      I trust you received the tracking number of the package by email- yes?

  10. David Williams

    I love my new Step-Smart brace. It weighs a lot less than my old brace. I’m very happy.

    • Andy (verified owner)

      Hi David

      Thank you so much for the kind words. Here is a link to a page where you can review the product for us on Google.
      Positive reviews make it easier for other DropFoot Sufferers to find the Step Smart brace. We would appreciate it if you could take a minute and share your opinion.

      Andy Colbourn
      Insightful Products

  11. Malik Bilal Hassan

    Hello sir I am from pakistan and I am surfing in footdrop problem I want to buy stepsmart brace and I hopefully waiting for answer
    Malik Bilal Hassan

    • Lilly (verified owner)

      Hello! Thank you for your inquiry. I will be sending you an email with more information about our Step-Smart brace today!

  12. Jonathan dubeau

    Hi i have big feet (15) would the brace fit for me ?

    • Lilly

      Hello Jonathan! Thank you for your inquiry! I will be emailing you shortly with more information about which size Step-Smart will fit you best! Kind regards, Lilly @ Insightful Products

    • Lilly

      Hello Jonathan! I have attempted to email you at the email address you provided, but it does not appear to be going through. We recommend our XXL size, not yet available online. Please give us a call at 207-885-0414 or email sales@insightfulproducts.com for more information or to order the larger size! Best, Lilly @ Insightful Products.

  13. Muneeb Ameen

    Hi,I saw each and every photos and videos of step smart foot drop brace and I loved it also I’m suffering from foot drop. The only problem is that this product is not available in India. Can you please arrange this in India please I’m very disappointed due to my leg its happened in an bike accident. The price is very high when convert dollars to Indian rupees. But I will arrange it at any cost or seek help for this. But how I get this in my place.In India I’m from Kerala state. Please help me to get this.If this can solve my foot problem I can go for my delayed studies and could complete. Please help me if you can with price and product availability. Thank you.

    • Yvette

      Hello Muneeb, We ship the Step-Smart brace all over the world. Please use our email address to provide your complete address so that I can get an estimate on shipping costs. Please email us at: sales@insightfulproducts.com. Thank you!

  14. Heather

    I received my brace yesterday and LOVE IT! I have had dropped foot for about a month now and was wearing a boot that was really more for ankle injuries – but I had it on hand. WHAT a difference this brace has made! I am able to walk now (pretty much completely normal!) – still have PT for a few weeks – but I think this brace can only help me improve. The PT had recommended a plastic, custom one that was going to cost $800-$1800! I just couldn’t justify this – in case my scenario does improve with the exercises. I HIGHLY recommend this brace – thank you for creating it!!!!

    • Yvette

      Hello Heather! We are so glad you are finding success with the Step-Smart brace. Let us know if you have any questions or concerns, we are here to help! – Yvette (sales@insightfulproducts.com)

  15. Dee

    Is this brace made to fit in shoes only or can it be worn with sandals also?

    • Yvette

      Step-Smart brace in shoes

      Hello Dee, Above is a link to a video on our youtube channel that shows Ian fitting the Step-Smart brace in many different types of shoes, even sandals! Enjoy!
      Yvette (sales@insightfulproducts.com)

  16. Hajara

    The Step-Smart for Drop-Foot is a Godsend for my husband!
    He regularly says he’d be home bound without it!
    Keep up your Fantastic work, folks!
    Hajara from Toronto, Canada

    • Yvette

      Hello Hajara, We are so glad that your husband is finding success with the Step-Smart brace! Please feel free to call or email if you have any further questions or issues. We can be reached at 207-885-0414 or sales@insightfulproducts.com.

  17. Heather

    I have Charcot Marie Tooth and these foot braces have really helped me! It’s much easier to drive with this.

    • Yvette

      Hello Heather and thank you for contacting us! We are so glad you are having success with your braces. Please email any questions to sales@insightfulproducts.com, we are here to help! Have a great day and HAPPY WALKING! ~ Your Insightful Team

  18. Hannah Stine

    This brace helped my foot drop more than anything I’ve tried! I can finally walk “normally” without the embarrassing foot drag I had before. I was very reluctant to try yet another brace, (this one was bought for me)but am SO glad I did. Thank you Ian for the work you do to help people…God Bless you and your team!

    • Yvette

      Hello Hannah and thank you for your comments! We are so glad you are having success with your Step-Smart and please email/call anytime with any questions. From your Insightful Products team!

  19. KerryLynn

    I have MS and I love mine. I have an all plastic custom made one, and this is so much lighter and much more comfortable. If I had gotten it sooner, I would have saved myself from a lot of foot pain! Highly recommended.

    • Yvette

      Hello KerryLynn and thank you for contacting us! I am so glad you are finding relief with our Step-Smart! We have many patients with MS that are getting so much help with our brace. Enjoy your summer!

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