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Masted Knee Brace

From $399.00

The Masted™ Knee Brace (MKB) is used to control instabilities in the knee and lower limb by controlling motion and maintaining proper alignment. It was designed to eliminate knee brace slippage (a big problem for those that have larger thighs and calves). The MKB can be configured with an optional integrated Step-Smart® Brace to aid in mobility if you have Drop Foot.

  • Rated for a maximum weight of 175 lbs. Not recommended for those over 175lbs.

To purchase a Masted™ Knee Brace for Drop Foot, choose from the following options (round down measurements to the closest value):

What is the Step-Smart Brace?

Learn about the brace that has helped thousands of people walk better.

How to Choose the Correct Step-Smart Brace Size For You

In this short video we show you how to quickly discern what size Step-Smart brace is best for you and why wearing the correct size is important.

Do I need a cuffed calf section?

A Cuffed Calf addition can make the Step-Smart brace more comfortable to wear for certain users.

Would a top cover be useful for me?

In this video Ian talks about the top cover for the Step-Smart brace and whether you should get on when purchasing your Insightful Products Step-Smart Brace for Drop Foot.

Do I need a hip square?

If you have an uneven hip height, the hip square is sure to make you more comfortable.


We designed the Masted Knee Brace (Knee Orthosis or KO for short) primarily to stop distal migration (where the brace slides down the leg). The full Range of Motion (ROM) foot section does not affect ankle/foot function, but does provide the assurance that the KO will not fall down. The knee joints provide ROM flexion and extension stops at 15 degree increments. This is a great rehab brace, post-op, for ACL or to control recurvatum. For those with drop foot, we have the Masted Knee Brace & Step-Smart® Brace combo for an additional $100.

Slippage or distal migration is a very common issue with knee braces. Even when wearing a knee brace correctly, more often than not, there will be distal migration or sliding of the knee brace down the leg. The key to getting that knee brace to stay in place and offer the right support is a close fit between the device and the patient’s anatomy. Knee braces need to be anchored to muscle and bone. Some people are just not built with enough muscle and bone to support the standard knee brace. That’s where the Masted Knee Brace (similar to a Ankle Foot Orthoses or KAFO brace system) really shines. Too many knee braces just won’t stay put. This impacts compliance and even device effectiveness. Because our Masted™ Knee Brace anchors all the way to the foot, distal migration is eliminated.

Elimination of distal migration was the primary driver behind this brace. Because the Masted™ Knee Brace anchors to a foot plate, it can be configured with an optional integrated Step-Smart® Brace for Drop Foot. Our Masted™ Knee Brace KAFO-type system is immediately available and a less costly option compared to custom-made designs.

*Rated for a maximum weight of 175 lbs. Not recommended for those over 175lbs.

Additional information

Weight 5.0 lbs
Dimensions 24.00 × 10.00 × 10.00 in
Shoe Size

Women's US 5 – Men's US 3.5 – Euro 35, Women's US 5.5 – Men's US 4, Women's US 6 – Men's US 4.5 – Euro 36, Women's US 6.5 – Men's US 5 – Euro 37, Women's US 7 – Men's US 5.5, Women's US 7.5 – Men's US 6 – Euro 38, Women's US 8 – Men's US 6.5, Women's US 8.5 – Men's US 7 – Euro 39, Women's US 9 – Men's US 7.5 – Euro 40, Women's US 9.5 – Men's US 8 – Euro 41, Women's US 10 – Men's US 8.5 – Euro 42, Women's US 10.5 – Men's US 9, Women's US 11 – Men's US 9.5 – Euro 43, Men's US 10, Men's US 10.5 – Euro 44, Men's US 11 – Euro 44, Men's US 11.5, Men's US 12 – Euro 45, Men's US 13 – Euro 46, Men's US 14 – Euro 47, Men's US 15 – Euro 48

Add Stepsmart for Dropfoot (+$100)

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