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How The Step-Smart® Brace Compares To Other Braces

Comparing The Step-Smart Brace for Drop Foot to other AFO’s- a MS patient’s testimonial
Meet Mary. She has dropfoot from her MS and has tried multiple brace through the years. See how she compares the Step-Smart Brace to other models she has used.
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Sally compares The Step-Smart Brace for Drop Foot to other AFO’s
Meet Sally. She compares the Step-Smart Brace to the other braces she’s tried.
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Jack prefers Step-Smart over Ossur Foot-Up Updated
Meet Jack. After his stroke, he used the Ossur Foot-Up brace but continued to have a problem with “slap-foot”. Henow prefers his Step Smart brace.
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WalkOn Flex Carbon Fiber AFO verses the Step-Smart Brace
Meet Mark. He and Ian compare the WalkOn Flex Carbon Fiber AFO to the Step-Smart Brace.
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Drop Foot Brace Comparison
In this video we compare the Step-Smart AFO with the Dynamic Walk AFO, Dorsi-strap, and Swedish style drop foot AFO brace.
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Toe Off Brace vs. Step Smart
Our buyer did not like the fact that he could not flex his foot with the Toe Off brace and that he was limited in his choice of footwear.
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Carbon Brace vs. Step Smart Brace
Bryan came to use with stiff Carbon Braces for Drop Foot. Watch as Bryan tries the Step-Smart Brace for Drop Foot for the first time ever.
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Steven compares his old brace to the Step Smart brace
The Step-Smart Brace allow Steven a greater range of motion with his foot. He’s now looking forward to walking up stairs.
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