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WalkOn Flex Carbon Fiber AFO verses the Step-Smart Brace

Video Transcript: 

Mark comes from Mount Desert Island here in Maine- drove down and see us. He has something called a Walk-On Flex which is similar to the noodle design and it has a full-length footplate. And this didn’t work for you, kept their foot up…

Well, yes, I mean did it work it was also the only thing I knew about. Well this is a brace I’ve been wearing for three years because of the drop foot and it’s been pretty good until I discovered the information about the Step-Smart Brace down here and wearing that just a few minutes actually makes it feel much better than the other one.

So, he prefers the Step-Smart Brace because it provides him with more flexibility, gives you your ankle and your toes back in a way right that makes it easier for you.

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