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Comparing The Step-Smart Brace for Drop Foot to other AFO’s- a MS patient’s testimonial

Video Transcript: 

It’s Ian from Insightful Products. Mary found us locally she lives in a few towns over and she found us on the internet. When she got her drop foot, they provided her noodle design and well tell us about this one.

Uh that one had some spring to it which I really liked and I could fit it in a lot of shoes but it gave me that pressure wound on my foot.

So, it gave her an ulcer on the first metatarsal head and that’s because it’s a full-length toe plate here. So, they went ahead and they gave you another full-length toe plate but this one comes around the medial side this one’s the walk-on design right and how’d that one work out?

Um that really didn’t have any spring to it and I really am not really sure why I even got it because it didn’t do anything for me. So, I went back again for the next brace.

Okay, and this time they give you all sorts of features and it’s an articulated ankle AFO with a plantar flexion stop. And what’s interesting about this design is there’s no benefit once this plantar flexion stop is not engaged, there’s no benefit in the dorsiflexion range so she wasn’t getting any lift in her toe when her weight came over her foot and she was still dragging the front of her foot. And with the Step-Smart Brace because it’s um it has the pre-flexion angle there it benefits throughout the full range of motion and brings up the foot even in the dorsiflexion range. Now this one has the two green bumpers…we tried the green and the amber bumper and then we settled on two amber bumpers which seems to work out well for you. (Mary nods in agreement)

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