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Toe Off Brace vs. Step-Smart

Video Transcript:

This is the Allard Toe-off which I have been using for last 18 months. I have some problems with this, number one being this rut on this which sometimes will rub against my foot. You can see they put pads here, but that didn’t really always, always help. And Also, having this strut would restrict me from the type of shoe that I could, I could use. The other thing is, if you have this on all day long, it keeps your foot in a locked position which I don’t think is good for your foot or your toes. With Ian’s Step Smart brace, as you know, it cuts off here and your toes can move. So as you walk, you feel your toe and I think that’s very key.

I also had an issue, I play golf a lot and the torque of my swing and also the fact that I would be on uneven lies. So if I was on a slope where this foot was low, as you can see, this brace had begun to crack so I’d tape this up. I’d already broken two of them and the insurance replaced those two but after that they said that’s it, they would not replace any more because I broke them too frequently. I broke them too often they said. This one had begun to go because I was up in Wisconsin, at a party and one of them broke, and I was hobbling around for that whole evening.  Very awkward and it was not fun.

I just got my two custom-made Step Smarts. And I’m gonna go catch an airplane soon. I got the cuff calf on top which helps me. It could be it isn’t for everyone, but it’s a plus for me and I’m looking forward to using these very much. It isn’t for everyone out there, but it’s a plus for me.”

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