Using a top cover with your Step-Smart brace

Should I get a Top Cover for my Step-Smart Brace?

Kathy Fisher Step-Smart Accessories

In this video, Ian talks about the top cover for the Step-Smart brace and whether you should get on when purchasing your Insightful Products Step-Smart Brace for Drop Foot.



You might be deciding whether you want to get a top cover or not for your Step-Smart Brace and I’m here to explain the difference. So this Step-Smart has a top cover on it and what it is is it’s a low coefficient of friction leather on top of a foam which will take the shape and mold to the bottom of your foot. Think of it as kind of a deluxe version of the Step-Smart Brace. It’s not needed. It does add a little bit of bulk. You may want to check out episode 9 where we show how to use the insert that comes with your shoe as a top cover. And it sandwiches the brace inside the shoe. It’s actually quite a nice setup. However, you should know that the Step-Smart Brace without a top cover is perfectly acceptable. It’s the type of brace design I’ve been providing for my patients for 20-plus years. There’s no problem with this whatsoever and you put your foot right on top of Step Smart as it comes without the top cover without any issue.