New Brace Buyers – Welcome

Please take a few moments and watch these top 3 essential videos to learn about your new Step-Smart® Brace. They answer our most frequently asked questions.

What’s in the box?

What’s in your Step-Smart® Brace box?

How do I put this on?

Two Styles of Donning the Step-Smart®.

What do the bumpers do?

How the Compression Component Kit works for the Step-Smart® Brace.

For more information about our Insightful Products, please watch the additional videos below.

The calf section tilts to one side or the other. Can this be fixed?

Step-Smart® Tensor Selection adjustments.

Do I need a Cuffed Calf section?

Step-Smart® Cuffed Calf Section Explained.

Replacing the Tensors or calf section myself.

How to replace Tensors on the Step-Smart® Brace.