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What’s in your Step Smart Box?

Video Transcript:
You’ve ordered your Step-Smart Brace from Insightful Products. Congratulations! You are now the proud owner of the best brace for drop foot. But now you need to know about the items that will be coming in your box that is mailed to you.

You’ll find in your box the Step-Smart Brace, two additional bumper sets (green and black), a Velcro horseshoe, and a pamphlet. The front of the pamphlet will have all of our contact information if you ever have any questions. This pamphlet will also be very helpful to you as you start to wear the brace. Not only does it mention all of the parts of the brace on the inside, it also explains in detail what everything does. It will also have a wearing schedule for the first week, as well as an FAQ section on the back.

Next, you have this smaller packet with additional bumpers, as well as the Velcro horseshoe. Your brace will come pre-installed with the amber-colored bumpers, which are a medium-level density. Make sure to refer to the pamphlet if you are confused about how any of these work.

And finally, you have the item you’ve been waiting for: the Step-Smart Brace. The brace will have all of its straps installed, as well as the amber bumper set, and is ready for you to start walking. It is always suggested that you wear a long sock when first wearing the Step-Smart Brace to protect your leg from the pressure. Also, you’ll want to install the Velcro horseshoe into your shoe.

To learn about how to don your brace for the first time, wait until the end of this video for other videos. If you have any questions about the Step-Smart Brace, please feel free to call or email us, because at Insightful Products we are dedicated to our motto that we help people walk.

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