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Category: Drop Foot

Can Drop Foot be Cured?

Discover the realities of foot drop: a condition with varying outcomes based on its root cause. While not ‘curable,’ it’s manageable. Learn about nerve damage recovery, the impact of stroke, and why timely medical evaluation is crucial. Explore effective management strategies for improved mobility and well-being. Click to read our insights and experiences.


Exercises for Drop Foot

Drop Foot, also known as foot drop, is a condition where you have difficulty lifting the front part of your foot, making it challenging to walk and maintain balance. Here are some general exercises and strategies that may help improve the strength and function of the muscles involved in foot dorsiflexion (lifting the foot).


Why The Step-Smart Brace is Small

It has come to our attention often that people wonder how The Step-Smart Brace for Drop Foot can be as effective as other Ankle-Foot Orthotics (AFO’s) while having a shorter footplate. The answer is in the unique design and how the brace works in conjunction with your shoe. In this video, inventor and Insightful products founder, Ian Engelman, explains the science behind it and the benefits it provides for you.


Ankle-Foot Orthotic Shoe combination for Foot Drop Patients

In this weeks blog, we demonstrate the AFO strategy used by Insightful to attach the AFO or ankle brace to the shoe using Velcro. The foot and ankle brace is attached to the shoe using hook and loop pile. By attaching the ankle brace to the shoe, the unit becomes one. All of Insightful’s bracing is designed to work with a shoe and not without a shoe. Fastening the brace to the shoe makes it easier to don the brace or to put the brace on but also keeps the brace placed back in the heel of the shoe. This keeps the brace from creeping forward in the shoe and using up space in the shoe.


Ernie’s Step-Smart Brace Experience

Earlier this past summer, we had the pleasure of welcoming Ernie to our our headquarters, in Scarborough, Maine, for a consultation with Ian Engleman, CPO, inventor of the Step-Smart Brace and founder and owner of Insightful Products! Ernie drove up from Rhode Island o learn more about the Step-Smart and see if it would suit his drop foot needs.