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Why The Step-Smart Brace is Small

It has come to our attention often that people wonder how The Step-Smart Brace for Drop Foot can be as effective as other Ankle-Foot Orthotics (AFO’s) while having a shorter footplate. The answer is in the unique design and how the brace works in conjunction with your shoe. In this video, inventor and Insightful products founder, Ian Engelman, explains the science behind it and the benefits it provides for you.


The Transcript:

So Steve’s come to visit us from northern New York and it came to our attention that some people are wondering how it is that we can get the same results or better with a footplate that’s so short. So some of these braces have footplates that are very long, okay, toe plate maybe even. This one here is a sulcus trimline meaning that this includes the metatarsal heads but the toes are going to hang over the edge right there. So here we have three different versions of footplate design yet this one turns out to be the most effective. It’s not the length of the toe plate or the footplate that is going to make the difference. It’s the range of motion, the active range. The range of motion the Step Smart Brace has, an effective range, is going to provide the lift that the patient is looking for. The short lever arm underneath the foot recruits the shoe. So, in a sense, the brace lifts the middle of the foot and then the middle of the foot lifts the shoe, and then the shoe is recruited and provides the lift of the toes. So this turns out to be a more effective and comfortable solution than the full-length footplates. And that’s it for Foot of the Week. We’ll see you next week!

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