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Drop Foot Brace for active lifestyle

Video Transcript:
I’m Karen and I’ve been wearing the Step-Smart brace for just shy of four years. My first brace was an immobile one. It didn’t allow me any freedom at the ankle or the foot whatsoever and I knew I had to find something. And with the search, I found the steps Step Smart which I love and I’ve been wearing it since. And I’m very, very active with my lifestyle so I have two of them and you know one replaces the other if something happens which is rare. Anyway for comfort I covered it with a sock because I personally don’t like to wear the long sock because it’s hot in a lot of places I go. And I love the fact that the footbed is shorter allowing me to have full function and the downward movement of my toes which is not lost in foot drop and so it helps me to balance when I am moving or dancing or hiking or bicycling. And so the brace for me has been absolutely a gift and I love it and I’ll never use another one. Because I did use three other types and uh I didn’t want the loss of my muscle tone in the medial side of my leg the inside part of my leg because the left side was already the problem so this, I cannot stress enough, is awesome.

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