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Blaze® Brace Videos

The Blaze Brace
Get to know the parts of the Blaze Brace. 
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A Blaze Brace Testimonial
Ruth lets us know how the Blaze Brace has helped change her day-to-day life. She can do things she hasn’t done for a long time. 
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Custom AFO Testimonial – Dr. Rosen, DPM
Dr. Rosen gives us his official opinion on the Blaze Brace.
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Adjusting the AFO Strap on the Blaze Brace
In this video, Ian and Jim show us how to determine and adjust the length of the AFO strap.
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New Custom AFO for PTD Testimonial, Dr. Marc Feder, DPM

Dr. Feder lets us know what he likes about the Blaze brace for his patients with post tib (Posterior Tibial Tendonitis or PTTD).