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Blaze MI Brace for Medial Instability

Video Transcript:

Hi, I’m Ian from Insightful Products. Here we have the Blaze brace, and today we’re going to talk about the parts of the Blaze brace, so that when you call and interface with our company, we’ll be able to talk the same language.

The parts of the Blaze brace, the three major parts of the Blaze brace are:

  • The foot section
  • The medial upright
  • The lateral upright

Specifically, in the foot section, you’ll notice that the medial malleolar window is the prominent feature. There’s also a navicular window, and the two are connected with an impact relief slot. That’s on purpose. There’s also a fifth ray cut out.

This adhesive-backed hook, you call an LJ, has two parts to it, and that’s meant to stick onto the solid horseshoe insert that you would adhere to the bottom of your shoe. When you get the Blaze brace, you just peel it off and adhere it to the bottom of your shoe.

The lateral side has the lower lateral upright and the upper lateral upright, and they’re connected with a joint, here. The lateral upright has a slot in it, which allows this calf strap to slide within the slot. And that’s important for good compression. You can take these pads off and wash them if you like and dry them, not in the dryer. And that is held in place by Velcro.

Now, on the medial side, we have the lower medial upright, if you will and then the upper medial upright, which is also connected by the medial articulation. There’s also the medial distal extension, which is an important feature, along with the extrinsic medial post. That’s what gives the brace its stability.

The brace is lined with a liner. Underneath the liner is a pad are some technical details.

That’s it for the Blaze brace!

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