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Customer Prefers Blaze Brace to the “Richie Brace”

Video Transcript:

I’ve been wearing the Blaze Brace since December 28th. I was having a lot of trouble with my feet and had been wearing another kind of brace, and it wasn’t doing the job. And I am so happy with the Blaze Brace. It has done wonders for me. I can walk again without pain. It’s just incredible.

I have worn braces for several years. One of them, the one that I was wearing, was a Richie Brace, and I’ve worn it for four years, and it wasn’t doing the job. And I needed some help, and I went for an operation, but they wouldn’t do the operation. Then they suggested something else, and that something else was a Blaze Brace.

It’s almost like having a pair of slippers on my feet. My feet are so comfortable. I really love it, and it’s freed my motion. I can do things that I haven’t done for a long time.

Ruth Miller came to us from New Hampshire, and she had a deformity of the deltoid ligament. There’s a lot of lateral displacement of her foot, and she has a very pronounced talar head and navicular. But more importantly, the symptoms she was getting were the fibular malleolar abutment. That is, the fibula was driving into the calcaneus and causing pain on the outside. And we fitted her with a Blaze Brace.

And everything seemed to be trying to shift that way, which made the outside of my ankle hurt. So now the outside of my ankle doesn’t hurt. The place that dropped down doesn’t hurt. This is just great.

One of the things that I have noticed is that I can get up out of a chair without putting my hands on the armrest to get up. I can just pop up out of the chair. Another thing I’ve noticed is that I can walk up the stairs one foot after the other. That I have not been able to do for three or four years, maybe more. So it’s just amazing to me. [Music]

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