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Custom AFO testimonial – Dr. Rosen, DPM

Dr. Rosen, DPM endorses Insightful Product’s Blaze MI brace for PTD (post tib) and the custom Step-Smart brace for drop foot.  Both AFOs have helped his podiatry practice and he is very satisfied with Insightful’s customer service.

Video Transcript:

Hi, I’m Dr. Robert Rosen and I’m here to endorse the Insightful Products Blaze MI. It’s a fantastic brace for posterior tibialis tendon dysfunction. It’s a lightweight, low-profile brace that fits in most shoes very, very easily and my patients have had great success with this brace.

Another one of their products that I feel is an excellent product is the dorsi assist brace (Step-Smart). This is for an AFO type of product that is a much lower profile AFO. The spring mechanism is a huge benefit for patients. As they’re walking they will feel a little spring effect which makes their gait even easier. These two products have helped my practice significantly and the patients seem to love them and we’re very, very happy with all their customer service.

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