Cuffed Calf Section


An add on/alternative piece for our Step Smart Brace. Cuffed calf sections are recommended for those users who are low in muscle or fatty tissue in the calf area where the original calf section places pressure, or for those who find the pressure and movement of the original calf section to be uncomfortable.

The Cuffed Calf section is approximately 3” taller than the original calf section, and wraps around the leg to cup the calf and distribute pressure over a larger area. It also limits the braces side to side motion.

Cuffed calf is not a stand alone product, must be ordered in addition to a Step Smart brace.

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Insightful is now offering a slightly larger cuffed version for those that prefer this style. The cuffed version may provide more side to side stability and comfort for those that have atrophy of the plantar flexors (or not enough fatty tissue to absorb the pressure placed on the calf). This slightly larger cuffed version will distribute the pressure over a greater area and therefore relieve pressure otherwise placed on a smaller area of the calf. All cuffed versions are approximately 3″ taller than the standard calf section that is included with the initial purchase of the Step-Smart brace. Tensors and screws are not included. Those used on your original Step-Smart should be used again when replacing the cuffed calf section for the old calf section. For sizing all you need to do is simply measure the circumference of the calf 12″ from the floor and choose the appropriate size. Part is made of heat moldable polypropylene. Part is sold separately and made to order and therefore is not returnable and can not be overnighted. Click image for side by side comparison of Step-Smart with the standard calf section and the Step-Smart with the cuffed calf section. Step-Smart sold separately.