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Compression Component Kit


Pack of assorted Bumpers: 3 pairs total, 1 pair Green (durometer 45), 1 pair Amber (durometer 60), 1 Pair Black (durometer 80)

What is the Step-Smart Brace?

Learn about the brace that has helped thousands of people walk better.

How to Choose the Correct Step-Smart Brace Size For You

In this short video we show you how to quickly discern what size Step-Smart brace is best for you and why wearing the correct size is important.

Do I need a cuffed calf section?

A Cuffed Calf addition can make the Step-Smart brace more comfortable to wear for certain users.

Would a top cover be useful for me?

In this video Ian talks about the top cover for the Step-Smart brace and whether you should get on when purchasing your Insightful Products Step-Smart Brace for Drop Foot.

Do I need a hip square?

If you have an uneven hip height, the hip square is sure to make you more comfortable.


The Step-Smart compression components act as a bumper in that they compress and rebound for shock absorption. 3 sets of varying hardness included (45/green, 60/amber, and 80/black Durometer).

Additional information

Weight .03125 lbs
Dimensions 5 × 3 × .75 in

45 Durometer, Green, 60 Durometer, Yellow, 80 Durometer, Black, 45, 60 & 80 Durometer


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