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AFO Shoe Combination

Video Transcript:

Hi! Ian here from Insightful Bracing. We help people walk. And one of the ways we help people walk is to make it easy for them to get the brace on their foot. What we try to inspire in our customers is to use the brace-shoe combination as a way of donning both at once. So the brace-shoe unit is donned all at once and makes it easier. That’s why we provide this. This is an adhesive-backed pile or loop that is fastened to the bottom of the shoe and then the brace is fastened to this. Here’s an example of one way to do it. So you can see the adhesive-backed pile there. Then the brace has a hook on it already and when you put the brace in here you’ve got to move it back to the back of the counter and then set it down. If you don’t do that and you just set it down over here then you will lose all that space within the shoe. So, bring it back all the way, set it down, then you’re ready to go. You can put this on top. This came with the shoe and we just cut a little bit off the end to make it fit better. You can do the same thing with a pair of scissors. So that goes on top of the Step-Smart brace and you’ve got a really nice set up. Pull the back off and stick it down. You can see we put one right in the bottom of this shoe here. Put the brace back into the counter all the way and then press down. This makes a brace-shoe unit which makes it really easy to don. The finger loop allows the patient to just put everything on at once.

The Blaze Brace also has velcro on the brace. And what this does, again, is allow the patient to put the brace-shoe unit on all at once by velcroing the brace right into the shoe. Again you want to pull that back all the way into the counter before setting it down. That concludes this week’s Brace of the Week. We’ll see you next week!


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