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Drop Foot AFO testimonial

Video Transcript:

I was in a dirt bike accident, broke both my legs.  My right knee got shattered and my left femur, about four inches of that got broken up, so I have a rod replacing my femur and so I have pins and plates replacing my knee. And rods and pins replacing my femurs. When I broke my leg my right leg actually was 90 degrees to the left, so I stretched the peroneal nerve running down the side of my leg and it actually looks like a spring now. so that’s why I have drop-foot.

Welcome back to Foot of the Week episode three.  And here we are with Zach.  Zach has a Swedish brace but he’s gonna explain to us why he feels the Step Smart brace is a better choice.  

And then I like how the back of the step smart brace is flat, so it doesn’t wrap around your leg, so it doesn’t feel like something’s holding you, it’s just there. 

Nice, okay so you don’t like that wrapped filling.

Nope, nope, it feels like your legs are held in something. 

I see.

It’s a much more natural feel with that brace on than this one.

So, because it’s because of the design of the calf section of the step smart brace it allows you more motion. 

Exactly, if you walk to the side it moves with your shoe.

Yeah yep really want to have that trim line back behind the metatarsal.

Also having that there helps push on your foot, push up on your foot when you’re walking and keep your foot up so you don’t trip over it. You can feel the pressure coming off when you walk.

With the step smart brace

This one is just flat.

You don’t feel any pressure. 

When I first put the brace on, Dr. White was my surgeon, and walking out it felt like I didn’t even have drop foot.

This concludes episode three of Foot of the Week.  Thank You Zach.

See you next week. 


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