Drop Foot

Foot drop is a gait abnormality in which the dropping of the forefoot happens due to weakness, irritation, or damage to the common fibular nerve including the sciatic nerve, or paralysis of the muscles in the anterior portion of the lower leg. It is usually a symptom of a greater problem, not a disease in itself. It is characterized by the inability or impaired ability to raise the toes or raise the foot from the ankle (dorsiflexion). Foot drop may be temporary or permanent.

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  1. After years of “putting up with” my bad walking, I now have been diagnosed with nerve trauma and or possible mild polio. Age has dismissed my walking abilities. I now walk with bent knees and “toe stubbing” has caused falls.
    After seeing your video, I am interested in trying your brace to see if it would assist in greater mobility.

    1. Hello Paula! Thank you for your inquiry. I will be sending you an email with more information. shortly!

      Kind regards, Insightful Products Customer Service

  2. I want a good brace I had a stroke about 13 years ago and I have a couple of braces but I hate them and don’t wear them I fell 3 weeks ago and broke my large feml bone next too my thigh in my good leg I need a brace for my left foot my shoe size 13 please help me

    1. Hello! Thank you for your inquiry. I will be emailing you more information on the brace and sizing to your direct email shortly!

  3. I have been diagnosed with drop foot due to 5 hip surgeries and 2 hip replacements. I cannot afford the $1500.00 pricetag they want for a carbon brace and would like to hear more about your product. Not sure how to determine the correct size I would need. Please email me more information and maybe a contact number so I can speak to one of your representatives. Thank you.

    P.s. I have one of of their carbon braces to use on trial before they order me one and it is very awkward and restrictive.

    1. Hello Michael! Thank you for your inquiry. I am sorry to hear that you have developed drop foot from your surgeries. We would love to speak to more about our Step-Smart Brace. I will email you shortly with our phone number and more information! Kind regards, IP Sales Team!

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