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Foot Funnel® Shoehorn – A Shoe Aid

The Foot Funnel® shoehorn is a “dressing aid ” or shoe aid and is an alternative to the long-handled shoehorn and makes shoe donning easier for those that have trouble bending, twisting, and reaching. “What is a shoehorn?” It is a shoe aid or shoe donner. As a dressing aid, this shoehorn or long-handled shoehorn is the best shoe aid available. Make dressing and shoe donning easy with this shoe aid! It’s like the “sock aid” but for shoes. This shoehorn is incredibly easy to use. It is easier to use than the “long handle shoehorn”.


Ian here from insightful products. We like to make better mousetraps and when we saw the problems the patients are having using long-handled shoe horns we thought we could do something better.

I’ve got to be one of the few people who has a shoehorn collection. The problem is with any of these designs is the patient’s got to have a lot of lumbar rotation, strength, and dexterity to coordinate everything and a lot of these patients just don’t have that. So we designed something called the Foot Funnel®. It looks kind of like maybe a football tee.

I’m going to show you what this is and how this works. This is actually an advanced shoe horn. The two holes that we put in the Foot Funnel® are for the right-handed person and for the left-handed person. This is laced up for a right-handed person. It allows a longer lanyard so the patient can throw it over the side of the bed or on a chair and retrieve it after they put their foot in. Done. Now all they have to do is step in. Big opening, no obstacles. The lace lays down so it’s out of the way and now the patient can approach the shoe from the back. The patient can hook it onto a knob or a chair or whatever and then they can grab their walker or whatever they need to steady themselves and approach from the back and put their foot in. They don’t even have to unlace their shoe and now they can retrieve the lace. For a person to get to the front of their foot isn’t that hard. It’s getting around the back that’s really the tricky thing and this solves that problem. The lanyard lays down out of the way, and creates a nice posterior opening, put this foot in and they don’t have to rotate their head.

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