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Foot of the Week – Episode 14 – Foot Drop Brace refurbishment

In this episode, we demonstrate how we can refurbish an old AFO, in particular, the Step-Smart AFO. If your drop foot brace looks old and shabby and needs to be cleaned up with new straps and brace parts, we provide this service at a reasonable price.

Video Transcript:

Hi, Ian here from Insightful Products. We’re here in Maine and survived Hurricane Irene. Today we have a brace coming in that needs to be refurbished.

This brace is very old. This brace is about 5 years old and you can imagine if you wore the same shoe for 5 years every day, walking around that it would wear out over time. These straps clearly need to be replaced. I’m kind of surprised they lasted this long. The tensors are fastened with a set of screws that we no longer use, and this was the first set of them that we had. And it was before we added the calf section pad with the leather.

So, we’ll be adding this for the patient right in place there.  And when we’re done this brace is going to be like new. Alright, we’ve refurbished this Step Smart brace and it’s virtually like new.  It’s got a new calf strap, new I Strap, it’s got a new calf pad, also has new tensors, new bolts, new Velcro, and also new bumpers.  

So, this patient is ready to go, and we’ll see you again in another 5 years. That’s it for the Foot of the Week we’ll see you next week.

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