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Foot of the Week – Episode 8 – AFO solutions

In this Week’s vblog, we focus on a spastic foot and ankle and how an articulated ankle foot orthosis (AFO) will not control plantarflexion. Insightful will manufacture a 3 point pressure system AFO that will help control the deformity.

5 thoughts on “Foot of the Week – Episode 8 – AFO solutions”

  1. I’ve had drop foot for years as a result of brain surgery…… I’ve purchase a walk aide which does not work due to the “over firing” of the walk-aide, it is way to expensive for me I.e 4K and I am most likely to trip over a throw rug IF the walk-aide does not fire. I am determined to run again, what can be don for me?iI am sure I must do something firstly shoe size is 10, what is my next step? Please help me!!!!

    1. Insightful Products

      Hi Karen! Thank you for your comment. Please check out our youtube channel at Insightful Products. There you will find many videos that tell about our products, how to use them and more! If you still need help after viewing our videos, please don’t hesitate to call us at 1-207-885-0414. Thank you!

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