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Funnel for the Foot – a Shoe Horn Comparison

The Funnel for the foot shoe horn is an alternative to the long-handled shoe horn and makes shoe donning easier for those that have trouble bending, twisting, and reaching.

Dressing aids: Shoe Horn Comparison – Funnel for the foot versus the shoe horn and the long-handled shoe horn. Make dressing and shoe donning easy with this shoe aid! Like the “sock aid” but for shoes. This shoehorn is incredibly easy to use. It is easier to use than the “long-handle shoe horn”.

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Video Transcript: 

Foot funnel comparison. Traditional and long-handled shoe horns can be a struggle for some. See how the back of the shoe is folded over and how that can make it difficult. Many people don’t have the ability to bend, reach, and twist as required by traditional and long-handled shoe horns. She’s getting downright frustrated. Finally, with the foot funnel, it’s a piece of cake. Get your foot funnel now at footfunnel.com.”

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