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I-Strap Fix for the Step-Smart Brace 2023 Models

Hi, it’s Ian. We have a problem.

The straps that we were sending out for the last nine months, basically the year of 2023, are defective. It turns out that when our sewer sewed these, he sewed them upside down. We didn’t notice because they worked fine, and we thought we were working with pile, and it turns out that the one side is actually felt. So, after a while, it breaks down, it doesn’t even work.

So, we want to fix this and we’re going to fix this by sending you a piece of adhesive back pile that you can go ahead and adhere to your Step-Smart Brace right where the pad is. So simply just take the adhesive off, throw that away, and you’re going to add it right to the outside part, right where the strap is. So, on top of the strap…right where the pad is, and just press it down really hard like this, especially at this end here. The end that’s attached to the brace.

And now, your strap is fixed, and you shouldn’t have any trouble.