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Maine inventor ‘bends boundaries’ to make it easier to walk or stop a skateboard

Bangor Daily News Excerpt.
By Beth Brogan, BDN Staff.

SCARBOROUGH, Maine — Ian Engelman arrived at his office Tuesday morning and poured black polyurethane into a mold, spilling some onto layers of protective cardboard covering a table but filling the 7-inch, nose-shaped vessel to create a skateboard brake. When it sets, Engelman will attach the device to his “longboard,” allowing him to slow for traffic as he glides down Munjoy Hill along Congress Street.

The skateboard brake is a prototype — only Engelman, 53, and his son have used them so far. But just outside his office, his employees are navigating mounds of plaster dust to mold, measure, glue, rivet, file, and cut to create Engelman’s most successful creation to date, the Step Smart Brace, a patented brace designed for people with “drop foot,” a secondary condition brought on by multiple sclerosis, diabetes or stroke, among other ailments…

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