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New Drop Foot Brace Testimonial

Video Transcript:
Hello, my name is Steve Ploussard. I’m from Reno, Nevada.

I’m a 56 year old man that has had chronic back problems all my life. I’ve had 3 back surgeries. And the most recent back surgery was in June of 2012 where I had a fusion down from L4 to L3 and a laminectomy down at L5. After the surgery it seemed things were going very well but within a week I noticed that my left leg had hardly any feeling and I had little control over it. And what’s happened, from the calf down it’s basically limp. I cannot point my toes up toward the ceiling like I can with my right foot. You see that. So, when going back to the doctors it was determined I had drop foot. For those of you that don’t know what drop foot is basically your foot, because it has no control over It slams down and hits the ground and it drags, and you trip and fall. It’s very painful with some of the falls. So, I went back to my doctor, and he fitted me with this device that I wore around the house for a couple of days. And I fell more with it on than with it off. One day after falling 4 times I decided to go online and try to find a product that would help me out. I found a company called Insightful Products and they are out of Maine, and they made a device called a Step Smart. And this is the device. Now I’m going to demonstrate it first before I talk about it. You simply take off your shoe and you don’t have to buy big shoes or anything other than what you wear. I find it easier to put the brace inside the shoe, get the straps back, steady yourself with the wall or something and then simply put your shoe on, pull the tongue up and it goes, slides right down in there. Tie up the shoelace then you have one strap that’s called the I Strap, goes around and then lastly the calf strap. And then there we go, that took seconds.

I even traveled through 4 airports this last weekend and getting through security was no problem, taking off the brace and the shoe and putting it back on. But now as you’ll see I can walk very much normal. I don’t have to worry about this foot hitting there, I can just let the brace do its thing, and walk with a normal gait. And uh, basically it’s given me a new lease on life. And I’d like to thank the people at Insightful Products for coming up with this because now I can do all the things I want to do. I’ve played golf 2 times since I’ve had this. The first time I did have a cart but 2 days ago on Saturday I walked 18 holes, didn’t fall once. I’m a terrible golfer, I’m a hack so I can’t relate the score to the device. But I want to demonstrate how quickly that you can change from one shoe to another. Here’s a sandal. So again, you take the brace off the shoe and put the brace inside the sandal like so and again I prefer to do it this way and simply steady yourself and you put it right into the foot brace, strap the sandal back on, you’ve got the I Strap and then you have the calf strap and voila you’re in the sandal. And because I have 2 different shoes on it’s a little different but it’s even better you’re just more comfortable with the drop foot brace on, the Step Smart at all times because it’s not going to drag your foot, you’re not going to trip and you’re not going to hurt yourself. It works with dress shoes too. I can’t say enough. I won’t demo this, but I think you get my point. You changed my life, Insightful-Products.com is the URL. I thank you very much Ian and Sean and getting this message out for people who have drop foot so they can have the same life changing experience as I have. I’m Steve Ploussard from Reno, Nevada.

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