NEW Drop Foot Night Splint

Gordon Holman Blog


Insightful Products has been listening to its customers and based on their feedback has developed the Tri-Ped drop foot night splint.

Insightful’s new Tri-Ped drop foot night splint is designed to be used around the house or at night when you would rather not wear shoes. Most AFO’s are designed to be worn with a shoe, including the Step-Smart drop foot AFO, but this design is easily put on and taken off by simply slipping your foot in and your foot out. It allows you to walk around the house barefooted. Because it is much more functional, it replaces the old Step-Smart slipper which has been discontinued. The night splint keeps the foot in a dorsiflexed position to give the user clearance at swing phase while still being flexible enough to allow plantarflexion. This brace is designed to be worn barefooted or with a sock.