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New Foot Orthotic for Cleats and Small Athletic Shoes

OrthoticMe is designed to work with both the foot and the shoe. All shoes are different and all feet are different, so you not only need a custom solution for the foot, you need a custom solution for the foot and the shoe! OrthoticMe can be customized for any type of shoe, to work with any foot. The foot orthotic is the first modular orthotic that gives the patient full control of the solution to his or her foot pain.

The traditional cleat is horrible for foot health because it has no support. A custom made orthotic wont fit in the cleat and off the shelf solutions do nothing. OrthoticMe takes up very little room in the shoe while still providing the support the foot needs (or at least the most support possible with a small cleat). OrthoticMe is also very light weight. Performance in athletics is improved just as a skiier tunes his skiis. Pressure points in the right areas of the foot can give the athlete an advantage in speed and quickness as well as reduce pain and increase overall foot health. OrthoticMe works great at reducing plantar fasciitis before it occurs in athletes.


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