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Step-Smart Settings Instructions – Adjustable Drop Foot AFO

The Step-Smart can be tailored to each patient’s specific dorsi-assist and shock absorption requirements by choosing one of the 5 available settings. This video describes how drop foot patients can easily adjust this drop foot AFO to their specific needs.

Video Transcript: 

The Step-Smart incorporates the Jacob Joint, which allows the patient to dial into the settings that work best. Start by trying the amber bumpers. Insert both bumpers flat side down, push the bumper into the upper cavity, and close. For less shock absorption and dorsi-assist, try the lower durometer green bumpers. For more shock absorption and dorsi-assist, try the higher durometer black bumpers. Bumpers can be mixed and matched to obtain intermediate settings. Try it out and find out what works best for you. Get your replacement bumpers at insightfulproducts.com.

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