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What is a Hip Square?


Hi! Ian Engelman here from Insightful Products. I’ve got David here. David does not have drop foot but for purposes of demonstrating an uneven hip height or pelvic obliquity, he’s helping us out. Thanks for doing that. So he’s got a Step-Smart Brace on his left side and because he has a Step-Smart Brace on his left side his left leg is essentially just a little bit taller than his right leg. So would you stand up for me please, David? So the reason I had this small chair is because I need to be near my subject matter. And if I check out his hips like this. Having done this for a long time, I can see his left side is just a little bit taller than this right side because of the Step-Smart Brace. This isn’t a functional problem. It’s more of a comfort problem. If you’d like to solve that, and you’d like to have your hips even, we sell the Hip Square. 

The Hip Square is an exact replica of the footplate that the Step-Smart Brace has and it comes with a free velcro kit which allows you to insert it into the contralateral shoe. So here we have the shoe and what we call a solid horseshoe design. And you simply just peel off the papers leaving the adhesive back and you insert it into the counter of the shoe or the bottom of the shoe right near the counter. And then when you install the Hip Square just make sure you pull it up into the back of the counter all the way before setting it down on the velcro. That way you’re not stepping on the back edge. You would do that with the Step-Smart Brace too. There we go. Got the funnel here for easy donning. Just step right in there, David. Step right up. It feels good, huh? And now you’d put equal weight on both sides. Yep. And now when I measure his hips they’re square. So when you order Step-Smart Brace you may want to consider ordering the Hip Square to go along with it. You can order your Hip Square brace when you purchase your Step-Smart Brace or afterward.

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