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Drop Foot Rehab – A Mother’s Testimonial

Drop Foot Rehab, from a mother’s perspective!

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In today’s post, we wanted to share a video testimonial from Sue Fleck. When Sue’s son developed drop foot as a result of a neurological injury, she took to the internet to research brace companies that were “thinking outside the box.” In her search, Sue discovered Insightful Products and felt that the Step-Smart Brace for Drop Foot sounded like a very promising option for her son. She was surprised that this company was even located near her in Maine! She decided to purchase the Step-Smart Brace for her son, and was amazed at the results! Other foot drop braces tended to lock up her son’s leg which felt uncomfortable and unnatural; However, the design of the Step-Smart Brace for Drop Foot allowed for a more natural gait, Sue feels that the Step-Smart enhanced and sped up her son’s recovery time. Although not a total cure for everyone, her son’s use and treatment of the Step-smart brace for drop foot has enabled a speedy recovery and he is actually beginning to have movement in his toes 12 months later. For those lucky few, it appears that sometimes rehab or rehabilitation can bring back some of the movement of the foot.


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