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Bob’s Drop Foot Solution

Today’s post is about one customer’s experience with drop foot and what he did to find a solution that worked for him!

After anterior approach hip surgery and recovery, Bob was diagnosed with Drop Foot. With a newly affected gait, he found himself compensating his dropping foot with a high step. Bob developed new back and joint pains as a result of  high stepping to avoid tripping over his foot.

Bob went to his doctor in search of a solution and was given one option, a big bulky AFO (see image below). Bob was disappointed to learn that he would have to wait 5-6 weeks to get this brace, that he couldn’t even fit in his shoes!

Bulky AFO
The only Drop Foot solution offered to Bob after being diagnosed with Drop Foot


Feeling dissatisfied with the options presented to him, Bob took to the internet to do some research on his own. His search lead him to Insightful Products! After chatting with the Insightful Products team, Bob decided the Step-Smart Drop Foot Brace  was the best option for him. Bob decided he wanted to travel all the way to the source, our headquarters in Southern Maine, for an in person consultation and fitting!

Check out the video below to hear Bob’s talk about why he chose the Step-Smart Drop Foot Brace


Understanding if a brace is appropriate for you can feel intimidating. Insightful Products has many resources to help you learn more about the Step-Smart Brace for Drop Foot:

Read more on our BLOG

Watch more videos on our YOUTUBE CHANNEL

Join the conversation on FACEBOOK

CONTACT US directly with your questions!

Drop Foot Solution
Try the Step-Smart brace for yourself for only $199! Insightful Products offers a 7 Day Return Policy is our brace doesn’t work for you!

A small company, nestled in the coastal town of Scarborough Maine, Insightful Products believes in solving problems with innovative design. From the Step Smart Brace’s Patented Jacob Joint technology, to the Funnel, an advanced shoehorn which offers a simple yet novel approach to shoe donning, we are dedicated to bringing new solutions and support to our customers.


4 thoughts on “Bob’s Drop Foot Solution”

  1. I want to know, Does it work with some one with Spina Bifida . I know every drop foot is different.
    I use the plastic afo where you get casted first. I ‘ve been using this type since 2008.

    1. Hi Javier
      It may- it’s difficult to say just from this correspondence. Does the Fully custom brace address any other ankle issues beside drop foot? If not than this may well work for you.
      I am in the office until 5 pm eastern time- feel free to call 207-885-0414 Andy Colbourn

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